Limb Lengthening Success Story - Abu Amir

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We are a Bahraini family that Bahrain sent us to Egypt in 2014 to treat my son after he could not be treated in Bahrain because of chronic inflammation of the bones, which led to the deterioration of the skeleton of the leg .. Because of the acute inflammation that led to eating his thigh bone .. While in Bahrain was The only solution is to amputate the leg and it was a shocking news to the family and to the child’s psyche .. We met with Dr. Yasser Al-Batrawi, who started diagnosing the child’s condition again and decided to cut off the damaged part of the thigh. The diagnosis was more appropriate than the leg cut, One of the most difficult operations where it lasted about 9 hours continuous and where it was a great effort and Bhamdallah has been successful, but at the moment we are continuing visits to A, D. Yasser to follow the process of prolongation.
Thank you and my family for our beloved country, the Kingdom of Bahrain. Sincerely, Dr. Yasser Al-Batrawi (Physician of Humanity), who is diligent and dedicated in his work, and I recommend that anyone with bone problems should consult with an expert in orthopedic surgery Bones.

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