External Fixation

We use all kinds of external fixators either uni-lateral as LRS Orthofix or EBI or semi-circular or circular either conventional as Ilizarov fixator or computer assisted as TSF , Orthosuv, I fixator or TLHex.

All external fixators we use are American or European CE and FDA approved devices.
We do not use any locally made or cheap fixators.
We must choose the suitable fixator that meet the patient need, so we have to see the patient, examine and speak to him or her to know the needs.
Not every deformity need to be corrected by external fixator, in many patients, we use internal fixation to correct the deformity.
To get accurate correction, we use the external fixator only during the surgery to acutely correct the deformity with fine adjustment and after we are sure that the mechanical axis became perfect, we apply the internal fixation either nail or plate then we remove the fixator, so the patient can get benefit from the accuracy of the correction of the fixator and the comfort-ability of the internal fixation.

How External Fixation works

Every fixator is unique and has its own way of work. There should be struts or graded rods that the patient can use to gradually correct the deformity. You must ask your doctor about how to use your external fixator and how to care about it.
We used to provide the patient with a special booklet for that after the surgery.
The advantage of external fixator that it is minimally invasive and in most of the situation it is stable enough to allow the patient to do weight bearing and walk after the operation which may be not allowed when doing internal fixation.

2 we used orthofix external fixator to lengthen his femur 3 at the begining of lengthening 4 before the newly formed bones consolidate 5 the newly formed bones consolidating Regenerate consolidation and excellent alignment

Cosmetic Leg Lengthening

Cosmetic Leg Lengthening

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