Deformity Correction

There are some different reasons for bony deformity. It may be either congenital bone deformity or anomaly or a developmental one.

Developmental bone deformity may be idiopathic or acquired after a trauma or malunion. Trauma in a child may cause in a ceasing or stopping of the growth in one side of the growth plate. Growth plate is the responsible about longitudinal bone growth. Stopping of the growth on one site of the plate leads to a development deformity. This deformity is usually increasing with the time till the stoppage of the growth in the whole growth plate when the person reach the physiological age of stopping the growth in the long bones. This age varies from 14 to 18 years and varies from male to female. There are many method to treat the bony deformity. First, Dr. Elbatrawy has to analyze the deformity and evaluate the patient clinically. Any bony deformity should be analyzed in 6 dimension. Dr. Elbatrawy has to measure a long x ray film taken from two views: antro posterior and lateral view. According to the patient age, the deformity could be corrected and adding some height, so at the end of the growth of that person, he or she will not have to do another operation for lengthening. This could be calculated accurately. Other deformities are due to wrong union or union of a fracture in a not good position. This will need to be corrected. There are different methods and devices to do this. Either internal or external or combined method could be used successfully, but respecting the mechanical axes and length of the limb. Fixator assisted nailing is one of this method. Devices as Ilizarov or Orthofix device could be used successfully. Other advanced devices as TSF or Taylor Spatial frame could be also used. Dr. Elbatrawy trained to use Taylor Spatial frame or computer assisted deformity correction in USA during his fellowship. Dr. Elbatrawy was lucky to learn this from the inventor himself Dr. J charles Taylor. Also, He learned a lot from one of the USA pioneer in this field who is Dr. James Binski from Ohio. Dr. Elbatrawy gained very good experience in this field of computer deformity correction from being working with two pioneers who are Dr. Kevin Tetsworth, Dr. John Herzenberg and one of the world leader in the field of deformity correction dr. Dror Paley. Dr. Elbatrawy spent more than a year gaining experience with the last 3 doctors when they were working as professors in University of Maryland. Dr. Elbatrawy came back to Egypt and treated a lot of complex cases of deformity correction and limb lengthening using either Ilizarov or Taylor Spatial frame and computer. After Dr. Yasser Elbatrawy treated many complex cases and showed his excellent work in different congresses in Egypt, Europe, Japan and USA, He was elected to be the general secretary of the world congress on external fixation in Cairo, 2007. Please browse:

Other deformities as joint contracture could be treated successfully using external fixation method. Dr. Elbatrawy invented a special device to treat such a difficult problem in children who suffer from what is called Pterygium syndrome. This syndrome could affect the elbow and called Pterygium Cubitale or affect the knee and called Pterygium poplitei. After dr. Yasser Elbatrawy treated some difficult cases using his special device, he completed a scientific work about successful treatment of this syndrome. Dr. Elbatrawy mentioned his work for the first time during SICOT international congress in Paris, August, 2001. This is one of the biggest world congress in Orthopedic surgery all over the world. Dr. Elbatrawy got the award of the best world study and invention in Orthopedic surgery in the year of 2001.
For a deformity correction problem, please contact directly Dr. Yasser Elbatrawy.

Chidren deformity correction is a specialty by itself.

Dr. Elbatrawy most patients are children and he is doing a lot of 8 plate application operations to children suffering from a deformity due to a problem with the physeal growth plate. Dr. Elbatrawy introduced this technique and operation in Egypt for the first time in 2005. He also introduced the method of Ponseti method not only in Egypt, but also in many countries around: Jordan, Lybia, Sudan, Tunisia, Kuwait as well as Germany, Bosnia and many other countries for the first time. Prof. Elbatrawy like to travel and teach and operate in many other countries. He is a visiting professor in more than 20 universities outside Egypt.

Prof. Elbatrawy use the most advanced technology original devices made especially for the children to treat their deformities.

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