Professor Elbatrawy is a specialist in treating deformities either acquired after trauma or malunion or non union of bone, or congenital as: congenital club foot, Fibular and tibial or radial hemimelia in which he use the modern technique by Super hip, super knee and super ankle operations and wrist ulnarization for radial hemimelia.

Professor Elbatrawy is using the most modern tools to reach 100% accurate correction of the deformity as all modern external fixators that utilize computer software as TSF ( Taylor Spatial Frame ), Orthosuv, I fixator, TL Hex and much more.

Professor Elbatrawy is a specialist in treating congenital pseudo arthrosis problem.

Professor Elbatrawy also use many unilateral fixator as Orthofix LRS and EPI for correction of deformity and or just lengthening.

In many cases, he also use internal fixation because not always external fixator is needed.
Professor Elbatrawy is known of using only implants that is FDA approved and CE certified. This mean that he never use any low quality implants that may be used by other doctors in the area.
He use all techniques as LON, LTN and FAN and FAP in which an external fixator is used only during operation to correct accurately the deformity and then the osteotomy is fixed internally then the external fixator is removed in the operation so the patient get the advantage of accurate correction of the deformity and internally fixed without having external fixator after the operation.

1 varus deformity 2 after excellent correction by TSF and coputer software 3 during the procedure of corrcetion 3 dimensions 4- the patient after correction and before frame removal

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