What is Club Foot?

Club foot is a problem that was very difficult to manage surgically in the past. Untill recently popularization of non surgical management by Ponseti method which solved the problem with a rate of success more than 95 % in good hands.

It is a deformity in which an infant’s foot is turned inward, often so severely that the bottom of the foot faces sideways or even upward. Approximately one infant in every 1,000 live births will have clubfoot, making it one of the more common congenital (present at birth) foot deformities.

What Dr. Elbatrawy Do About Club Foot?

Dr. Elbatrawy learn the method and certified from professor Ponseti himself in USA.

Dr. Elbatrawy gained a lot of experience in ponseti method from working with Dr. Herzenberg in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Elbatrawy became the pioneer of using Ponseti method in Egypt since the year of 2001 when he came back permanently to Egypt.

Dr. Elbatrawy mentioned a 100% success rate in using Ponseti method in correcting club foot babies.

Dr. Elbatrawy become one of the world pioneer in this method and did many scientific researches and presentations in international congress about his successful use of this method.

Dr. El Batrawy with Prof. Ponseti learning his method in year 2002.

Dr. Yasser teaching Ponseti Method all over the world.

Dr. Yasser teaching Ponseti Method all over the world.


There are many causes of this problem which should be evaluated well before starting the technique of Ponseti.

A special scoring system ( Pirani scoring system ) is used to evaluate the success of the method during every visit of the baby.
The method simply is done by special manipulation and casting.

This should be done weekly until full correction of the foot deformity is achieved. This usually take 5 to 7 cases in the worst condition.

The baby has to wear a special brace called Dennis Brown splint to keep the foot corrected after that. This will be for 3 months.

After that the baby should wear a special shoes during the night for up to age 3 or 4 years.

Please, read more about the method in the official web site of Iowa University where professor Ponseti is working:
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Dr. Elbatrawy is the leader of this method from Egypt.

Dr. Elbatrawy may be the only certified specialist in Egypt for doing Ponseti method from Iowa University and professor Ponseti

1 unilateral club foot

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