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At least you should be under our observation for 2-3 months which is the lengthening stage.

Most of our patients like to stay till we finish our work (lengthening stage) then travel back to their home and just come to Cairo at the end to remove their frames.

Usually the follow up after end of lengthening stage will be once every 40 to 45 days. Just send the x-rays could be enough and FU with a local doctor could be ok.

We like to remove the distal ring of the frame at month 4.5 after the operation. This makes the frame more simple and easier management of life. Some patients like to stay more than 3 months in Cairo till they remove completely their frames.

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(العربية) I do not like to operate at all on any smoker patient. This is because smoking negatively affects the power of healing. So, if you are smoker, please, keep yourself away from me! The alternative is to stop smoking for at least 6 months completely then you can come to be operated. We do a special investigation to detect that, so kindly do not waste your time and our time.

(العربية) There are several methods of payment including:

  1. Cash in advance.
  2. Travellers check as American express checks.
  3. Regular checks (should be sent a month before the date of the operation to be able to collect it on time).
  4. Bank transfer ( This is the cheapest way ).
  5. Credit card in the clinic ( cost 2.5 % extra )

The cheapest and lowest cost of payment is when doing a bank transfer. It is fast (takes only 3 to 4 days to arrive). It is safe and guaranteed. Our web site has been running since a long time and is impossible to have any fraud at all because we do not want to have one patient only! We want to run a good confidence with our future patients.


  • The most important advantage is using our services from day one of arrival including a free consultation in the clinic including x-rays and free accommodation from day one of arrival to Cairo.
  • Safety, as patient do not have to carry cash and worry about and also it is not allowed to carry cash for more than 10 thousands of US $.
  • Avoid expensive interest rate when using traveler check (3 %) or credit card payment.

However, we accept all other methods. For bank transfer, you have to contact Dr. Elbatrawy directly via his personal e-mail: ybatrawy@yahoo.com for more information about the clinic bank account details.

What does the total cost include:

Here are approximate costs of expenses:

  • Hardware or devices bilaterally cost:
  • Hospital cost and anesthesia doctor fee
  • Surgeon and assistance fee.
  • Follow up for 6 months.


It is clear now for you that it is not possible to do any installment for the cost of the operation as all the cost should be paid in advance. It is very valuable because the same operation using the same device (but definitely not using Dr. Elbatrawy special technique) in Europe or USA will cost no less than 5 times this amount! Also, very few specialists over there can have such excellent results as Dr. Elbatrawy.

(العربية) Day one:  Arrival to Cairo.

Day two: Free consultation (also it is possible to do it in day one if you arrive early during the week days from Sunday to Wednesday).

Day 3: Doing all necessary blood investigation and x-rays.

Day 4: Doing the operation

Day 5, 6 and 7: receiving great care in one of the private medical centers where Dr. Elbatrawy admits his patients. Currently, we operate in SGH ( Saudi German hospital ) or Elnozha International hospital. Both are in Heliopolis area in Cairo near the clinic and near also from Cairo airport ( East Cairo )

Day 8: Transfer to the patient’s apartment: you stay in your own separate room. You will have a nursing service and a care taker to help you with anything you need.

Day 9: You should be visited by Dr. Nagwa or Dr. Sherin ( our physiotherapists ) who is a specialist physiotherapist for limb lengthening patient. The cost of one hour is about 20 $ and you should pay her fee directly to her. You may need her help for 2-3 hours per week in the first month then one hour per week later on. You can buy the food you like or ask the care taker to cook for you what you like. You will have to start lengthening from day 10 after the operation in a rate of ¾ mm. per day. Your doctor will teach you how to do this successfully.

Day 10 to 30: Enjoy using the walker going to the very close city stars mall: http://www.citystars.com.eg

Day 31: The date of the first follow up x-rays and adjusting the lengthening rate.

Day 60: The second follow up x-rays.

Day 90: The third follow up date and adjusting the bone alignment if needed.

Day 100: The final follow up and locking the frame.

By that day you will be able to go back to your home and just follow up with a local doctor or with doctor Elbatrawy either in Cairo or in your home ( Dr. Elbatrawy accept to come to you for follow up and possible to arrange the cost for that with him directly ). You may need 2 to 4 follow up visits till final frame removal.

(العربية) No, CICLLR is Dr. Elbatrawy clinic where he is following up and meeting his patients. It lies in 8 Elnozha street, Madinet Nasr area just infront of the Airforce defence house and hotel Tiba rose. It is just 100 meters away from Holiday Inn Heliopolis hotel and city stars huge mall and Intercontinental Heliopolis hotel

(العربية) Dr. Elbatrawy is a university professor and he works in the university hospital which accept patients who are covered by the insurance or the government only and he admits his private patients in 3 different state of art medical centers.   Elnozha international hospital. SGH Saudi German hospital in Cairo ) and Al Azhar Specialized hospital. All these medical centers have ISO certificate and all of them are fully equipped with the most modern technology equipments.  In any one of them, you will enjoy a very friendly atmosphere from the staff and the nurses who like to talk to foreign patients. You will find that most of staff can speak good English. Some also speak French, Dutch and some speak Italian.

(العربية) Do not worry about this as Dr. Elbatrawy guarantees that his technique of maximum stability has the lowest pain among all others techniques. We do not want to write our special technique details of how to manage the post operative pain but we guarantee a pain free rehabilitation after the operation. It is very tolerable, do not worry. But remember: NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN ! We do not want our patients to go through any pain and we care a lot about this matter. The pain in the first 2-3 days after the operation should be controlled by the pain management team in the hospital.

(العربية) The limb reconstruction and deformity correction and the limb lengthening operations are all unique and should be designed for the patient condition. Some cases we may use 2 different kinds of fixators together or external fixator and internal fixation by plating or nailing…..etc So, we cannot know exactly the cost of the operation before we see and examine the patient, however, we confirm that the cost we offer is the lowest cost in the whole world comparing to the quality work we offer using the highest quality FDA approved and CE certified devices.

(العربية) After accepting you as a patient and you meet the Criteria we have and after you send your height in cm, weight in kg., age and if you are a smoker or not and if you suffer from any psychological problem or not….etc and after Dr. Elbatrawy get all information about you and accept you and decided the proper technique and device that can suite your needs, then he can send you the exact cost of your operation which depends also upon where you will do it as some hospitals are more expensive than the others.

Generally the cost can start from 6000 Euro per limb including the hospitalization and all services mentioned previously for up to 30000 when using Precice Stryde nail with remote control.

If you are from Egypt, then many services you will not need and the operation may cost less than the above mentioned cost so the best you do is to visit the clinic and meet directly with Prof. Elbatrawy.

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