Dr. Yasser El Batrawy

One of the most prominent orthopedic surgeons worldwide.

Dr. Yasser Elbatrawy is famous for limb lengthening and reconstruction (LLR).

He is a professor of Orthopedic surgery in Al-Azhar university in Cairo.

His Cairo International Centre for Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction (CICLLR) is the destination of patients from all over the world, especially USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain and Japan as well as from all middle east and Mediterranean country.

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Our Tools for Cosmetic and Deformity Correction

Precice Nail

Remote Control Technology for The Treatment of Limb Length Discrepancy.

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Take the advantage of controlled external fixation and applying a classic internal nail to decrease the cost and limit the period of external fixation only to the lengthening period which is 10-12 weeks maximum.

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External Fixation

Eirther using a computer assisted external fixator for 6 axes deformity correction or lengthening or using conventional monolateral LRS Orthofix or ring fixator as Ilizarov frame, we can reach our goal of lengthening or deformity correction.

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Deformity Correction For Children

Children has special needs and also special sizes of the fixators that suite their needs and decrease much the pain during the procedure. We should not operate children in the same way as adults at all !

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Deformity Correction For Adult

Professor Elbatrawy uses all techniques as LON, LTN and FAN and FAP in which an external fixator is used to correct the deformity only during the operation then used the internal fixation and remove the fixator. So it combine between accuracy of external correction and comfortability of internal fixation

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Club Foot and Ponseti method

Dr. Elbatrawy is one of the world pioneers of Ponseti method. He learn it from Professor Ponseti and Professor Herzenberg in USA and he popularized the technique not only in Egypt since 1998 but also he introduced it in many countries all over the world including: Germany, Bosnia, Italy, Tunisia, Sudan, Jordan, Ughanda, Kuwait, …..etc

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